15 Movies To Be Excited For This Fall / Winter

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Oh man, this post has got me excited for three things: first and foremost, the movies hitting cinemas till the end of the year! There's about 10 I think will be quite good, the rest could go either way. But also because one: I stepped up my coding game with this list layout - something I've always wanted to do; and two: I got to feature artwork by an artist I'm absolutely in awe with: Bokkei.

But back to movies, which is why we're here! We've got a nice mix of genres with something for everyone. Seasoned directors Woody Allen and Tim Burton return; spin-offs, remakes of remakes and sequels of Bridget Jones, Harry Potter and Star Wars have fandoms on fire, including those familiar with the classic Seven Samurai (not sure if these are in fact horrified). There are poignant dramas, an outer space romance, and even a musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - which is pretty much the whole reason behind this post.

You can check out the full list, or find below 
the 15 movies I'm most anticipating this Fall/Winter:

10+ Books to Read This September

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Another month, another batch of awesome book releases! I'm loving these posts because they've helped me keep up with new novels and, more importantly, get out of my comfort zone by getting into genres I'd normally ignore.

I still lean towards crime, horror and romance - genres that seem to thrive this September with works from notorious authors Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children), Ian McEwan (Atonement) and Herman Koch (The Dinner). There's also three new short stories from J. K. Rowling for all you potterheads out there, and two novels I'm particularly interested in: The Ballroom by Anna Hope - an historic romance set in an asylum - and Nine Island by Jane Alison, which sounds different and intimate.

12 August Book Releases I Can't Wait to Read

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I know it's the middle of the month, but it's always a good time to share things we're excited about. And the fact that 90% of these books are already out, just really means that you can get your hands on them ASAP! Bu timeless aside, August has some seriously great books to offer: from chilling mysteries, shocking romances, to poignant dystopia - even a YA that sounds sweet! Yes! A YA!

I'm especially looking forward to All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, which I've already started. It sounds unique and daring, which is always a killer combo. If it lives up to the hype it will be one of my favourites of the year, for sure. Also, this month brings not one but TWO books from auto-buy authors for me - Sandra Brown and Loreth Anne White. Their romantic suspense novels are always super entertaining, I can't get enough!

Podcast | Episode 54: Top 3 Summer Blockbusters

August 17, 2016 |  photo comment-icon3_zpsdfxrj5h7.png
We're back with a brand new podcast episode! In which we talk about our favourite summer blockbusters from the past 10 years - that is, since we were aware and got caught up in the hype that surrounds these movies. And yup, guaranteed there will be some Harry Potter love.

We chicks are taking a small break to enjoy the Summer - see you guys in the Fall! 

Podcast | Episode 53: The VVitch

July 27, 2016 |  photo comment-icon3_zpsdfxrj5h7.png
If you've seen Robert Eggers' nightmarish folktale The VVitch, let me tell you right now: the curse of Black Phillip is real. We chicks have been trying to record and publish this episode for ages, months. Unexpected plan changes, power cuts, sudden illness, broken laptops... you name it, it happened to us. And that evil goat is the only rational explanation, so yeah, beware of Black Phillip. 

July Book Releases I'm Looking Forward To

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For anyone who loves to know all about new book releases but doesn't know where to look for them, Goodreads is the place. Specifically, the monthly new releases lists that showcase the most popular 200 books on the website that were published on a giving month. Yes, you'll have to go through dozens of romances that sound really bad, but hey, some of them are actually quite nice, don't be such a snob. Note to self. 

You can also check out new releases by author's you've read and by genre. Anyway, if these posts appeal to you I'll start publishing them at the start of every month!

Other novels readers are pretty excited about: The Muse by Jessie Burton, The Last One by Alexandra Oliva, The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close, Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters , The Sister by Lousie Jensen.

TMP: Movies Set in a Single Location

July 07, 2016 |  photo comment-icon3_zpsdfxrj5h7.png

This week's Thursday Movie Picks asks us to pick three movies entirely set in one location. Various directors have tried to do it, and some even more then once - like Alfred Hitchcock who to my knowledge did it thrice! Sometimes it's just a technique, other times the spacial limitation serves a concept, but it is always a challenge that few excel at. Aside from the three movies I picked, others like Repulsion, Rear Window, Dog Day Afternoon, Locke and Moon are also great movies set in one place.

Top Ten Tuesday: Little Known Books That I Love

July 05, 2016 |  photo comment-icon3_zpsdfxrj5h7.png

So turns out, I read pretty popular books. This week's Top Ten Tuesday - a feature over at The Broke and The Bookish - topic had me going through my whole read shelf to find novels that have less than 2,000 ratings on Goodreads. It was not an easy task. In fact, I couldn't even find ten books I liked that fit the criteria, so you guys are getting seven that I have read, and three that I'm really looking forward to.

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