40 Movies I Can't Wait to Watch This Fall

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With a movie watchlist of over 600 films, it can be really hard to pick what to watch next. And since Fall/Winter is basically the best time of the year to watch movies, I figured narrowing it down to those movies I've been itching to watch was the best way to tackle it. So here you go, the 40 Movies I Can't Wait to Watch This Fall:

[ in order of release ]

Safety Last!, 1923
Because I want to see what this Lloyd fellow is all about.

FrankeNstein, 1931
Because I love Dracula and can't wait for some more classic horror.

Top Hat, 1935
Because I have yet to see an Astaire film, and this is supposedly his finest.

citizen kane, 1941
Because I still haven't seen it.

the killers, 1946
Because Lancaster and Gardner together sounds positively explosive.

the night of the hunter, 1955
Because it looks like one of the most haunting and gorgeous b&w films I'll ever see.

high noon, 1952
Because if anyone can make me like westerns, that someone is Gary Cooper.

Det sjunde inseglet, 1957 [ the seventh seal ]
Because it looks enigmatic and filled with meaning.

à Bout de Souffle, 1960 [ breathless ]
Because I know next to nothing about french new wave.

peeping tom, 1960
Because it has a killer concept and what looks like great visuals.

Les yeux sans visage, 1960 [ eyes without a face ]
Because it looks insanely creepy.

Såsom i en spegel, 1961 [ through a glass darkly ]
Because I've seen half of it and it's basically a crime to not see it through.

la  notte, 1961
Because it's italian, which to me means sexy, beautiful, and sensitive. 

dr. strangelove or: 
how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, 1964
Because it looks creative, possibly genius.

Faces, 1968
Because I saw a clip and was instantly hooked. Brilliant.

the elephant man, 1980
Because it looks like a classic horror film that I would love, 
yet it's Lynch in the 80s, which sounds awesome.

la haine, 1995
Because Fall is the time to watch gritty movies.

persona, 1966
Because I probably should've already.

fatal attraction, 1987
Because it looks intense and I miss a good Douglas film.

Henry & June, 1990
Because Anaïs Nin is my latest literary obsession.

the blair witch project, 1999
Because it's been a long time since I've had a good scare.

Fa yeung nin wa, 2000 [ in the mood for love ]
Because it's about time I see some asian films, and this sounds like a good place to start.

Because it's like Fifty Shades of Grey, but possibly infinitely better.
And funny.

Låt den rätte komma in, 2008 [ let the right one in ]
Because again, I need some quality horror this Fall.

Because it looks like the sweetest thing I'll ever see.

the vicious kind, 2009
Because this is the film that made me do this list in the first place!

La piel que habito, 2011 [ the skin i live in ]
Because it looks disturbing and beautiful, which is a killer combination.
Doesn't the mask remind you of Les Yeux Sans Visage?
Perhaps I'll make it a double feature.

Because it has an impossible premise and still came out on top.
I want to know how.

we need to talk about kevin, 2011
Because everyone raves about it, and I'd never miss a chance to see Swinton on screen.

OSLO, 31 AUGUST, 2011
Because I'm making a conscious effort to watch more foreign/indie films, 
since so far the ones I've seen became instant favourites.

Because I could never finish the novel, and I'm hoping Andrea Arnold's adaptation changes that.

broken, 2012
Because british dramas never disappoint.

Because I like Pattinson and usually enjoy this type of movie.

Because it sounds like an emotional rollercoaster.

AMOUR, 2012
Because I'm a sucker for depressing love stories, provided they can still inspire. 
And Michael Haneke.

maniac, 2012
Because it looks creative and a bit crazy.

Adore, 2013
Because it looks like the kind of story I like. And they're hot.

Because it should be amazing, yet everyone hates it.

Because I keep thinking it's asian and forgetting what it is about.
 And that's just stupid.

calvary, 2014
Because I've already seen half of it and really need to finish it!

have you seen any of these? do you have a Fall watchlist, too?

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