The 2015 Blind Spot Series

Published On December 20, 2014 by Sofia da Costa |

hese past couple of years I have watched many fellow film bloggers participate in the Blind Spot Series, a web event promoted by The Matinee that encourages movie viewers to tackle some classics they're still missing. With just a few (but hugely) legendary films left on my ancient List of Shame, I figured 2015 would be a good year to cross twelve classics off of it and get that much closer to the finish line.

And what better way to do it than actually taking part in one of the most useful and clever events of the film blogosphere? The challenge spreads throughout the year, one movie per month, one post per movie. Each Blind Spot will be announced in the first week of each month, and reviewed in the last. To take part simply pick twelve classics you haven't seen, link back to Ryan's blog, and start watching!

Metropolis, 1927
M., 1931
The Seventh Seal, 1957
Citizen Kane, 1941
Breathless, 1960
La Haine, 1995
A Clockwork Orange, 1971
Oldboy, 2003
Dr. Strangelove [...], 1964
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 1966
Persona, 1966
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962

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