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Published On May 31, 2017 by Sofia da Costa |
Today, I bring you - prepare yourself - A BLOGATHON. Gosh, how long has it been since I've been in one? Back in the early years of blogging there were so many! Oh and those cute awards we gave each other... I kinda miss those, they were so uplifting. We need to bring those back, guys. Since we're riding the nostalgia wave,  I'm pleased to say my dear blogger friend Mettel Ray has celebrated seven years of blogging this year! And to every movie blogger's delight, she brought back her famous, life-changing (what do you mean, exaggerating) blogathon, My Movie Alphabet.

You can check out her own Vol. 2 here. The following rules apply:
1. List your favourite actors, actresses, movies or directors from # to z
2. I allow a little wiggle room: you may list two under one letter* because it is Vol 2 after all! In that case, the choices have to be from different categories – actor/director, actress/movie, etc
3. If you participated last time, don’t look at your first movie alphabet before Vol 2 is ready
4. Comparisons in between your new alphabet and the previous one are highly encouraged

As in my previous entry, I include honourable mentions. Some of my picks are a bit representative, like Raging Bull for Martin Scorsese, Yesterday Today Tomorrow for italian cinema, and so on. My picks for the original blogathon are marked as before.


[ # ] 2001: A Space Odyssey ( 1968 )
honourable mentions: 8½, 9½ weeks | before: 8½

[ A ] Alfred Hitchcock + American Psycho
honourable mentions: anna karina | before: anna karina

[ B ] Brief Encounter
honourable mentions: burt lancaster, beauty and the beast, brokeback mountain | before: buster keaton

[ C ] Cary Grant + Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
honourable mentions: christian bale | before: cary grant

[ D ] David Lynch + Dracula
honourable mentions: daniel day-lewis, the dreamers | before: david lynch

[ E ] Eva Green
honourable mentions: enemy, the exorcist, ed wood, emily blunt | before: ed wood

[ F ] French New Wave
honourable mentions: film noir, fish tank | before: four weddings and a funeral

[ G ] Gregory Peck
honourable mentions: gary cooper, goodfellas | before: grace kelly

[ H ] Horror
honourable mentions: hunger, hud | before: hud

[ I ] Isabelle Huppert + In the Mood For Love
honourable mentions: ingrid bergman | before: i'm not there

[ J ] Jurassic Park + James Dean
honourable mentions: james stewart, jane eyre | before: james dean

[ K ] Kar-Wai, Wong
honourable mentions: kirsten dunst, katharine hepburn, kevin spacey | before: katharine hepburn

[ L ] Lust, Caution + Lars Von Trier
honourable mentions: last night, lost in translation | before: lorelai gilmore #cheater

[ M ] Michael Haneke + Musicals
honourable mentions: martin scorsese, the matrix | before: martin scorsese

[ N ] Notorious
honourable mentions: north by northwest | before: notorious

[ O ] Old Hollywood
honourable mentions: old boy | before: ocean's trilogy

[ P ] Pride and Prejudice + Park Chan-Wook
honourable mentions: the phantom of the opera, pedro almodóvar, penélope cruz | before: patrick bateman

[ Q ] Quentin Tarantino
before: quentin tarantino

[ R ] Raging Bull
honourable mentions: robert de niro, ringu, rear winow, roman polanski | before: rear window

[ S ] Sofia Coppola + Shame
honourable mentions: steve mcqueen, salma hayek | before: steve mcqueen

[ T ] Tennessee Williams + There Will Be Blood
honourable mentions: this is england, tom ford, tom hanks, taxi driver | before: this is england

[ U ] Under The Skin
honourable mentions: the unbearable lightness of being | before: the unbearable lightness of being

[ V ] Vicky Cristina Barcelona
honourable mentions: venus in furs | before: vertigo

[ W ] Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? + Wes Anderson
honourable mentions: what ever happened to baby jane?, woody allen | before: woody allen

[ X ] The X-Files
honourable mentions: x-men | before: the x-files

[ Y ] Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
before: yann tiersen

[ Z ] Zellweger, Renée
honourable mentions: zodiac | before: zach braff

There are probably other things I love but completely forgot because I actually suck at making lists, oops. So do you love any of these people/movies/genres too? What would some of your picks be?

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